Holy Roller

Written by Alicia Silvestri

Holy Roller

“That brunch was INCREDIBLE! Do y’all do parties?”

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If you’ve ever gone to Holy Roller at 9:50 a.m., you’ve seen the brunch crowd getting ready to pour in. Families, couples, locals, and Austin visitors come for the all-day, never-ending menu of eggs, biscuits, and French fries covered in even more eggs.

Trash Fries Holy Roller Austin Group Dining

We love this female-led, downtown diner for its prog-rock vibes cloaked in a saintly atmosphere. The walls are decked out in crosses, coffins, ghosts, and flashing neon lights. Even the servers’ tattoos fit the bill.

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At Holy Roller, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your servers and bartenders will give you the spiel on menu variations, locally-sourced ingredients, and the house-made biscuits. With such a knowledgeable staff, you and your guests will be wholly cared for.

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What does a private party at Holy Roller look like? You can treat up to 40 guests to a private dining experience in the back room, sectioned off by a velvety gold curtain.

Holy Roller Rental Back Dining Room

Not enough space? Talk to us about a Restaurant Buyout! Your guests will have a blast snapping photos and exploring the punk-chic digs.

Drinks Holy Roller

Let’s not forget about refreshments! Start with a bold cocktail combo made from spirits like locally-sourced Tito’s vodka.

If you’re not in the mood for cocktails, there are plenty of ‘spirit free’ alternatives! Mocktails, nitro cold brew, and aguas frescas are always there to complete your meal. Does that mocktail sound like it would be better with some spiced rum? Ask your bartender! No one’s judging you here - unless you’re in the confession booth.

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Give your party the old-Austin edge – book your event at Holy Roller!


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