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Written by Alicia Silvestri


What’s in a name?

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We can’t get enough of CU29 Cocktail Bar. This local gem, named for the 29th periodic element, sits only a block from downtown Austin’s infamous Sixth Street. There’s nothing like sneaking away from the crowds to hear a cocktail clink down on CU29’s countertop.

Cocktail Bar Austin Downtown ATX Venue SXSW

The interior of the space is coated with a signature copper and exposed brick throughout. There is an open area in the center of the venue where folks mingle, dance, and put on live music performances.

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Bronze booths designed for parties of up to 30 sit opposite the massive wooden bar-top, where folks line up to marvel at the drinks and avant-garde décor.

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Cocktail Bar ATX Austin Downtown Unique Venue

At CU29, the owner’s passion is written all over the walls – literally. She is a talented chalkboard artist who enjoys turning the menu into calligraphy masterpieces. Her educational illustrations break down the make-up of the drinks and the processes behind them – not to mention they’re incredibly well-done!

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People love coming to CU29 for casual meetings, corporate events, private happy hours, and birthday celebrations -
with room for up to 100 guests (plus 20 more counting outdoor space), it’s the perfect location!

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Let’s not forget the irresistible drink menu! Every bartender has contributed to the ingenious, rotating house cocktail list (our favorite is the Fruit Cup!).

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Cocktails Downtown Austin ATX Bar SXSW Venue

Don’t worry if you’re not in the mood for a cocktail. No one – and we mean NO one – is judging you here. Would you rather have a shot of top-shelf bourbon? Or maybe a lower-shelf will do? Go for it – your neighbor at the bar might even join you!

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Perhaps you and your guests are looking for a show. The exceptional bartenders will blow you away with their stunts – tossing cups in the air and setting your cocktail (and their own hands!) on fire! The end of the show is our favorite part – we get to drink the results!

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Oh, and if dessert is your thing, prepare yourself for these shots.

Dessert Jello Shots ATX Austin Cocktail Bar SXSW
Dessert Jello Shots ATX Austin Cocktail Bar SXSW
Dessert Jello Shots ATX Austin Cocktail Bar SXSW

Yes, those are jello shots! Could this presentation be any more amazing?

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Dessert Cocktails ATX Austin Downtown Drinks

You’ll see the bartenders skinning and juicing fruits in their downtime or cutting and mixing ingredients on-the-spot – that’s the beauty of CU29’s entirely in-house menu! The staff makes every syrup, juice, and bitter by hand, resulting in truly unique concoctions. If you see a new infusion sitting on the counter, don’t hesitate – take a glass on the rocks!

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During festival season, locals KNOW that CU29 is the place to be while still staying near the action - so if you’re planning an event of your own, now’s the time to book!  

Request an event at CU29 through Austin Venue Collective for a magical experience!

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